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No child or adult should be made to feel
unsafe. Everyone has a right to be safe
from harm and abuse. All of us have a role
to play in safeguarding

You have a major role to play in protecting children and
adults at risk of harm and abuse – now more than ever.

Right now, vulnerable children and adults may be particularly isolated,
meaning that the family, community and professional networks they
usually rely on may be unavailable or hard to access. At the same time,
living under the current arrangements may increase the pressures that
can contribute to abuse and neglect, or allow it to go unseen. Neighbours,
volunteers and professionals – like pharmacists, shop and supermarket
workers – can play a vital role in keeping adults and children safe.

Please click here English safeguarding leaflet – WEB for more information on what signs to look out for and what to do if you have a concern.

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