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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, how you contact us will be different at the moment. This is to limit face-to-face contact whenever possible and help stop the spread of coronavirus. Your GP practice is open and if you need to see your GP, please ring us on 01954 230202. You can also call NHS 111. Please do not come to the surgery unless you have an appointment.  Appointments are being delivered face-to-face, online and over the telephone. If you are asked to come into the surgery for a face-to-face appointment, please remember to wear a face covering. Measures are in place to keep you safe from infection during your visit to the surgery.

For the latest NHS information and advice on coronavirus or to book a test visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Non NHS work – Private Fees

Non NHS Private Fees – please click to view price list:  Private fees June 2020 Final


DVLA – Driving Licences

During COVID many drivers’ licences have expired and the DVLA gave extensions so that they could continue to drive and work. For many drivers though, this extension is coming to an end. Drivers are now being told by DVLA to ask their GP if they are “fit to drive” so that they can continue to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA 1988). The DVLA has produced a leaflet which explains RTA 1988.

We would like to advise our patients of the following :

It is not within the GPs scope of practice to advise patients whether or not they are fit to drive. The role of the GP is to provide factual information to the DVLA so that their expert medical advisers can decide upon fitness.

There is risk if opinion is given that someone is fit, and then an accident occurs; or if opinion is given that someone is not fit, which can also adversely affect the long term relationship with that patient. For these reasons, if there is any doubt about whether a person is fit to drive, the request will be declined and explained to the DVLA that only factual information about a person’s health can be provided, NOT opinion